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Trash bags are used in everyday life at home and work. We offer a variety of bags for multiple uses. Online, our trash bags are broke down into three strengths. Regular duty, heavy duty. Below is a brief explanation of each type and their recommended uses.

*Regular Duty Trash Bags- Range in thickness from .35 mil to .70 mil. We recommend the thinner .35 mil bags for office use when light objects will be stored in the bag. The .7 mil trash bags range in size up to a 56 gallon trash bag. The .7 mil bags are still not a very thick bag. We recommend no more than 5-8 lbs. of content weight in the .7 mil bags.

Common uses of regular duty trash bags include individual office desk trash bags, bags for desk paper shredders, great for covering objects, any dry lightweight storage.

*Heavy Duty Trash Bags- Come in two different thicknesses and multiple sizes. Our black 2 mil heavy duty trash bags are our best sellers. We also offer clear bags in a 1.1 mil thickness. Store bought heavy duty trash bags range from 1 mil to 2 mil thicknesses. 

Our black heavy duty bags are great for the toughest of applications. Recommended for solid and liquid storage, offering superior strength and tear resistance. The clear heavy duty bags are great for home use and medium storage needs.

Common uses of heavy duty trash bags include commercial kitchens, construction sites, large kitchen bin storage, recycling bins, and other heavy-duty applications.

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